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For a bachelor living all alone away from home, movies are god-send. Generally people like us go and watch any movie that is screened in a nearby theater.

This Sunday was a better experience as compared to past few weeks. Thanks to PVR cinemas in Bangalore, which attracts most of the movie-going crowd, getting tickets for weekend show at Innovative is not that tough these days...

Watching Parineeta (wedded girl?) was a good experience. Story wise, I cannot give it full marks as I am not a big fan of romantic triangles. I loved the aura it created. I loved Saif Ali Khan's character and loved the way Saif Ali Khan played it.

Saif Ali Khan, IMHO, is growing as an actor. I think he has past the stage where he needed multi-starrers to give hits. He is fully capable of carrying a film on his sole shoulders.

Having said this, I think Parineeta's real find is Vidya Balan. This girl is one of those few actors/actresses who speak with their eyes. I am floored by her simple beauty and above par portrayal of Lolita. Hopefully she gets more good roles. Any idea what are her future films?

Sanjay Dutt is good acting wise. Looks a little old though. Also, I didn't liked 50+ Rekha. She cannot hide her age now. If she wants to continue acting, she should start looking for meaningful roles rather than doing item song.

Music is soothing. I loved Piyu Bole. Overall, the movie is good. However there are few places where director could have done a better job. In an attempt to imitate the classic novel, director has made few mistakes during the climax.

I would say, not a total waste of time. Watch out for few finer details in the movie and of course Vidya Balan smile1.gif

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