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Geeta Dutt.

, Discuss something about Geeta Dutt.

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> Geeta Dutt., Discuss something about Geeta Dutt.
post Mar 17 2004, 10:49 PM
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QUOTE (Ashraf @ Mar 17 2004, 03:55 AM)
Thanks Vivek...It is very sad to hear about the tragic life of Geeta Dutt....I wana collect some of her great songs....Can any one help?......Thanks.

you can post your requests on the forum and someone who has it will surely upload the song for you. Feel free to post a list of songs you want.
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post Mar 24 2004, 10:52 AM
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Does anyone have the song
armaan bhare dil ki lagan from the move Jan Pehchan

I have virtually exhausted all sources to get just this one song.

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post May 18 2004, 02:56 PM
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As we all know geeta dutt's first song was from BHAKTA PRAHALAD(1946),which song she actually sung in it?can somebody shed light on it?was it SUNO SUNO BINITI HAMAARI...?Did she sang only one song in it or she sang other songs too?

Zindagi Hai Ke Badalta Mausam, Har Nai Rut Mein Naye Phool Khile
Bewafai Naheen Aadat Apni, Jab Talak Jis Se Mile Dil Se Mile.........
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post Jun 14 2004, 04:26 PM
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Anybody having Geeta Dutt's songs from BHAKTA PRAHALAD & BAJRANG BALI?


Zindagi Hai Ke Badalta Mausam, Har Nai Rut Mein Naye Phool Khile
Bewafai Naheen Aadat Apni, Jab Talak Jis Se Mile Dil Se Mile.........
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Bawra Jay
post Jun 29 2004, 10:04 AM
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Is this topic / thread still active ? Hope it is smile.gif As when it comes to Geeta Dutt nothing should stop smile.gif niether her songs nor topics about her songs...

I have some clippings and pictures of beautiful Geeta Dutt smile.gif which if you all interested will post here. This clippings where saved from a very craziest fan of Geeta Dutt I must have come across ever. (thank god I saved it as the site no longer works now sad.gif ) Let me know if anyone interested and I will post it here.

In the meantime a handy facts - facets on some of her songs with different MDs which is also posted on IndianMelody, unfortunately the website from where this was taken is broken , otherwise they had real good details on Geeta Dutt.

Geeta Dutt scored heavily as a singer particularly when she sang under the baton of two music directors, S.D. Burman and O.P.Nayyar.

The S.D. Factor:

S.D. Burman was among the earliest to discover the magic in Geeta Dutt's voice. In 1947 with Filmistan's DoBhai. He persuaded the producer to give her a break. The producer being unsure of Geeta made a deal with S.D. Burman. She would record a song but it would be retained only after hearing the result. The song 'Humein chod piyakis desh gaye' was recorded and played back. The rest as they say is history. Even as it lead to Geeta becoming the foremost singer of the industry by 1951 she had found herself in a position where she was regarded good only for bhajans and sad songs. It took S.D.Burman's jazzy and westernized score for Baazi which showcased Geeta's versatility, her breezy voice. S.D. Burman effectively used the Bengali lilt in her voice memorably in films like Devdas and Pyaasa. Thesong 'Aaj sajan mohe ang lagalo' from the latter is one of the finest examples of the Bengali kirtan put over on the Hindi screen. No female singer has better articulated the spirit of Burmanda's music in its early years. In fact in 1957, when he fell out with Lata, Burmanda was looking to make Geeta his main singer rather than the upcoming Asha Bhonsle. After all by then Geeta was a mature singer while Asha was still raw. But due to her troubled marriage Geeta was not free to practice in the style required by S.D.Burman who was a hard taskmaster in matter of rehearsals. He joined O.P. Nayyar in shaping Asha rather than wait for Geeta. Some memorable songs sung by Geeta under S.D. Burman's baton are:

'Mera sundar sapna beet gaya' (Do Bhai - 1947 )
'Woh sapnewaali raat' (Pyaar - 1950 )
'Tadbir se bigdi hui taqdeer' (Baazi - 1951 )
'Aan milo aan milo' (Devdas - 1955 ) with Manna Dey
'Aaj sajan mohe ang lagalo' (Pyaasa - 1957 )
'Hawa dhire aana' (Sujata - 1959 )
'Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam ' (Kaagaz ke Phool - 1959 )

Geeta sang 72 songs for Dada Burman of which 43 were solos. The last song she recorded for him was from the film Ziddi(1964), 'Main tere pyaar mein kya kya na bana dilbar.'

The O.P. Nayyar wave:

Geeta suited O.P. Nayyar's ebullient themes to a T. He developed the side of Geeta which had emerged with Baazi. Under his freewheeling baton Geeta developed into a really hep singer who could belt out any number - soft, sultry, happy, snappy, romantic, teasing or tragic. It was Geeta Dutt's rare gift that she could effervescently sing for both the doll and the moll. And it was O.P. who got Geeta to stop being overtly emotional in sad songs. O.P.'s comments on Geeta :

' ..........Who will deny there is a unique quality to her singing. Give her a blatantly westernized tune this momentand a complex classical composition the next, and she will do equal justice to both with an ease of expression which a singer can only be born with. She is particularly good for songs accompanying boisterous jamborees. With that tantalizing lilt and fascinating curves she puts into her singing,she is the ideal choice if it is seductive allure you want in a song........Geeta Dutt is an asset to any music director. '

Some immortal gems sung by Geeta Dutt underO.P. Nayyar's baton:

'Zara saamne aa'( Baaz - 1953 )
'Babuji dhire chalna' (Aar Paar - 1954 )
'Thandi hawa kali ghata' (Mr. & Mrs 55 - 1955 )
'Jab badal lehraya' (Chchoomantar - 1956 )
'Mere zindagi ke humsafar' (Shrimati 420 - 1956 )
'Chor, lutere, daku'( Ustad - 1957 )
'Mera naan chin chin choo' (Howrah Bridge - 1958 )
'Kaisa jadoo balam tune dara' (12 o'clock - 1958 )

This is not to say that Geeta was any less effective with other music directors. The songs she has sung for Hemant Kumar in Anandmath ( 1952 ), Bahu ( 1954 ),Ek Jhalak ( 1957 ), Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam ( 1962 ) bear testimony to this. It's just that for the sheer volume and the scaleof popularity that the songs of S.D. Burman and O.P. Nayyar reached make them special in Geeta's oeuvre.

The Best of Geeta Dutt

In early 1957 while selecting the ten best songs that she has sung, Geeta Dutt mentioned

' People have a complex that successful film songs are not necessary the best. I beg to differ. If a song catches public fancy it could only be because of all round perfection in all departments - in its music, in its writing, in its singing. Should I then list my ten best songs or my ten most popular songs? The dividing line, I feel is very thin. The songs that have stood the test of public approval and the songs that have personally appealed to me are the same. '

The ten songs she selected then represented definite landmarks in her singing career. They are:

'Mat ja mat ja jogi' (Jogan - 1950 ) This was her own personal favourite.
'Mera sundar sapna beet gaya' (Do Bhai - 1947 )
'Na yeh chand hoga' (Shart - 1954 )
'Tadbir se bigdi hui taqdeer' (Baazi - 1951 )
'Yeh lo main hari piya' (Aar Paar - 1954 )
'Khayalon mein kisike' (Baawre Nain - 1950 ) with Mukesh
'Aaj sajan mohe ang laga lo' (Pyaasa - 1957 )
'Jaane kya tunhe kahi' (Pyaasa - 1957 )
'Ae dil mujhe bata de' (Bhai Bhai - 1956 )
'Hai yeh duniya kaunsi' (Sailaab - 1956 )

This as mentioned was in early 1957. Citing the reason for her selections Geeta mentioned:

' I feel that a song must express human emotions in simple language and in a tune that affords the singer sufficient scope to do full justice to the thought underlying the lyric. I feel that the songs I have listed are simple enough to be appreciated by people of all ages at all times.'

Some of Geeta's best work for e.g. 'Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam' from Kaagaz ke Phool(1959), 'Chale aao, chale aao' from Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam (1962) and the songs of Anubhav (1971) were to come later and naturally they do not find a place in that list.

Thus if I were to select a list today, it might read something like this:

'Waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam' ( Kaagaz ke Phool - 1959)
'Aaj ki kaali ghata' (Uski Kahani - 1966 )
'Meri jaan mujhe jaan na kaho meri jaan'( Anubhav - 1971 )
'Na jaao saiyaan chudha ke baiyaan'( Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam - 1962 )
'Yeh lo main hari piya' (Aar Paar - 1954 )
'Tadbir se bigdi hui taqdeer' (Baazi - 1951 )
'Na yeh chand hoga' (Shart - 1954 )
'Aaj sajan mohe ang laga lo' (Pyaasa - 1957 )
'Mera sundar sapna beet gaya'( Do Bhai - 1947 )
'Ghungat ke pat khol' (Jogan - 1950 )

This is of course but a personal choice. And a most difficult one to make. For many of Geeta Dutt's songs endure in appeal even today. The discerning would ask but what about 'Hawa dhire aana' from Sujata ( 1959 ) or'Thandi hawa kali ghata' from Mr. and Mrs 55 ( 1955) or for that matter even ' Mera naam chinchin choo' from Howrah Bridge ( 1958 ) or 'Jaata kahaan hai diwaane' from C.I.D. ( 1956 ) Well try making your own list! See if you can manage to include 'Tehro zara si der' from Savera ( 1958 ) or 'Ja ja ja ja bewafaa' from Aar Paar ( 1954 ) or 'Preetam aan milo' from Mr. and Mrs 55. ( 1955 ) or even 'Aayi birha ki raat' from Navdurga( 1953 ).

Albums of Geeta Dutt Available



Magic Moments - Geeta Dutt
Enchanting hour with GeetaDutt
The Best of Geeta Dutt
All time greats - Geeta Dutt( set of 2 )
Rare gems - Geeta Dutt (setof 2 )
The Golden Collection - Geeta Dutt ( set of 4)
Duets to remember - Geeta Dutt & Talat Mehmood
The Golden Collection - Duets of Geeta Dutt (set of 4)
Hits of Geeta Dutt
HMV ke anmol ratan - Geeta Dutt Vol 1 Babuji dheere chalna
HMV ke anmol ratan - Geeta Dutt Vol 2 Ghunghat ke pat khol
Anmol yaadein - Geeta Dutt Vol 1 Babuji dheere chalna
Anmol yaadein - Geeta Dutt Vol 2 Ghunghatke pat khol
The Golden Collection - Geeta Dutt, the irrepressible
Geeta Dutt sings for O.P. Nayyar


A teetna sambharna - Geeta Dutt

Bengali :

Modern Bengali songs - Geeta Dutt
Film songs of Geeta Dutt
All time greats - Geeta Dutt ( set of 2)



The Golden Collection - Geeta Dutt ( setof 2 )
Magic Moments - Geeta Dutt
Duets to remember - Geeta Dutt
Rare Gems - Geeta Dutt
The Golden Collection - Geeta Dutt, the irrepressible
Geeta Dutt - Sensuous Songs


The Best of Geeta Dutt

The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. --Gautama Buddha
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Bawra Jay
post Jun 29 2004, 10:15 AM
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I will post some lesser known / well known combination of very good songs of Geeta Dutt. Hmmm already started foot tapping , ya fir khayalon mei ghoom wink.gif..... Kya kare its her not us , her awaaz ka jaado , her singing style ka jaado that's making us all crazy and nashila mood tongue.gif

O Babu O Lala - Geeta Dutt, Movie = Dilli Ka Thug

The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. --Gautama Buddha
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Bawra Jay
post Jun 29 2004, 10:22 AM
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Another good one , this time she is paired with Hemant Kumar in movie POLICE singing Oh Oh baby......

Oh Oh Baby - With Hemant Da , Movie = Police

If you really enjoy this songs let me know , so that I can get more hyper tongue.gif ,,,, already getting hyper right now listening her songs wink.gif after all kya joshile gaane hai .. hmmm ya fir nashile ..... hmmm ya fir mastiwale.... jo bhi hai just love listening them smile.gif Enjoy now ....

The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. --Gautama Buddha
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Bawra Jay
post Jun 29 2004, 10:36 AM
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And this one ,,,, oooooouch it hurts somewhere when she says "More Baalma...." , even more seductive than when Asha says ... Bahoon mei chale aao ... Well some of you might not agree but aab Bawra aur kya bole gaa.... lolz

Ok interesting fact this song , the original one was actually sung by Madam ji.. haan Noor Jahan , I have that too... I mean friend can you believe this song she had sung just a year before she passed away.... Its from movie Insaan aur Insaan which I guess was released in 1970 / 1971 something.

Ok enuff of my bak bak , now enjoy the song smile.gif

Title : Lat Ulhji hai sulja de more baalma ... movie = insaan aur insaan

The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. --Gautama Buddha
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post Jun 29 2004, 05:20 PM
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hi guyzzz:) .Can anyone upload ja ja ja bewafa bye geeta dutt pls not sure what film its from , i heard it on the radio a few weeks back n fell in love with it.
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Bawra Jay
post Jun 29 2004, 05:43 PM
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QUOTE (stormey @ Jun 29 2004, 05:20 PM)
hi guyzzz:) .Can anyone upload ja ja ja bewafa bye geeta dutt pls not sure what film its from , i heard it on the radio a few weeks back n fell in love with it.

Its from "Aar Paar". It 's a solo version of geeta dutt. Have you heard the Sun sun sun zaalima.. , that's a similiar song but this time duet with Rafi sahab ...a must hear song smile.gif

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post Jun 29 2004, 05:59 PM
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Stormy Ji here's Geeta Ji song You requested Ja Ja Ja Ja Bewafa-Aar Paar 1954

Ja Ja Ja Ja Bewafa
Kaisa Pyaar Kaisi Preet Re
Tu Na Kisse Ka Meet Re
Juth Tere Pyaar Ki Kasam
Ja Ja Ja Ja Bewafa.............

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Bawra Jay
post Jun 29 2004, 07:13 PM
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What's the point of uploading the song again ? Or maybe it took 30 minutes from my post and your post to upload ? Well anyways , I dont mind but I was told to check at few places so maybe to save hardisk space , etc....

The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. --Gautama Buddha
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Bawra Jay
post Jul 2 2004, 09:47 AM
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Come on friends , get active here , discussing , sharing articles , information anything about Geeta Dutt ji .... Its the month of July , and her anniversary.... She is no more with us today but her voice is with us throught her songs...

Ok for all Geeta ji's fan , let me get by backups , I have an excellent article which I had clipped some 8 to 10 years back during her anniversary.

Will be posting that article soon smile.gif ....

The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. --Gautama Buddha
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post Jul 2 2004, 10:02 AM
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Bawra J(i),

Waiting for the article. I am a "pankha" too, but gosh there's so much going on at HF, it's difficult to keep up. I love her voice, considering her life was tragic, her voice has so much verve. Most of her songs make me smile, they are so lively!!!


You must be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi
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Bawra Jay
post Jul 2 2004, 10:16 AM
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Ok folks, here is the article , named "Geeta Dutt Tribute from Hemant Parikh (Must Read 20th July, 1994)"

She was the blithe spirit of our popular music. All the more so under
the baton of O.P . Nayyar who owed his "Aar Paar" breakthrough to her.
Here is a peep into GEETA DUTT’s solo repertoire for this composer. On
the occasion of her 22nd death anniversary falling on July 20,1994 a
study by RAJU BHARATAN. Complied by Hemant Parikh.

Who recommended O.P. Nayyar as a music director
to Guru Dutt for "Baaz"? Inimitable Geeta Roy of course, when she was
all set to become Geeta Dutt Which number arguably rates as the hottest
tune composed by O.P. Nayyar- yesterday, today or tomorrow? Mera naam
Chin-Chin-Choo, the Helen foot-tapper from "Howrah Bridge".

What a grim irony that Mera naam Chin-Chin-Choo
turned out to be Geeta’s swan song for Opee. I turn the spotlight here on
Geeta Dutt’s solos for O.P Nayyar, since it is not my style to halve the
anniversary credit by bringing in the singer’s duets too. At twelve
o’clock on July 20, we were into 22 years without Geeta Dutt. Yet this
blithe spirit of our popular music has been in the public ear all these
22 years Geeta’s vocal mystique, it is unique.

Especially under the seductive baton of O.P.
Nayyar. The story of their ear-riveting association be-gins with Dalsukh
Pancholi’s "Asmaan" in 1952, flopping like nobody’s show business in the
face of Geeta Roy’s vocals in it; for O.P.Nayyar, being vibrant as
vibrant could be. Vibrant in the shape of Pom pom pom baaja bole dholak
dhin dhin dhin (the GE28021 record I had to beg, borrow or steal for
Ameen Sayani to play during Binaca for birth play during anniversary),
Arre kya hoon main na bahaar hoon, Dekho jaadoo bhare more naina and that
stunner: Dil hai diwana jawaan hai zamana. "Asmaan" bombed so explosively
that O.P. Nayyar switched wholesale to Asha Bhonsle for all the 12 songs
of his next film, P.L. Santoshi’s "Chham Chhama Chham".

Characteristically, Geeta never held this against
Opee, commending his name to Guru Dutt to score the music for the 1953
Geeta Bali - Guru Dutt starrer, "Baaz". And Guru Dutt shot the movie
almost entirely on a ship. What memorable solos Opee composed for Geeta
to articulate while working for the first time with a creative director
like Guru Dutt and a super heroine like Geeta Bali. Remembar Geeta Roy’s
Zara saamne aa zara aankh mila on Geeta Bali?

And Geeta Roy rendering the very opposite style
of tune in the very opposite style of scene that Geeta Bali, alone could
take in her acting stride; Ai dil ai diwane aag laga li kyun daaman mein.
There were, in the same "Baaz", other numbers that the listener of taste
recalls to this day as Geeta-Opee at their brightest; Maanjhi albele
chalo re haule haule, Ai watan ke nauja waan jaag aur jaga ke chal, Taare
chaandni afsaane samaan bahaar hai suhane and Jaage panchchi savera hua.
What composing by Opee, what vocalising by Geeta!

Yet "Baaz" failed. But not the vocals of Geeta or
the tunes of Opee. In fact, the solo numbers scored by O.P. Nayyar for
Geeta Roy in "Asmaan" and "Baaz" have become collectors items in the 22
years Geeta has been off but never away. As for Geeta-Opee’s "Aar
Paar", its impact is still fresh in our ears. For "Aar Paar" (1954) was
the breakthrough film for Guru Dutt and O.P.Nayyar alike.

It is well to remember that Geeta Roy, in posing
an early threat to Lata, had broken through long before Guru Dutt and
O.P. Nayyar found public acceptance. Yes, if the Mangeshkar was already
number one by 1953, she was "first only among three equals". Lata, Geeta
and Shamshad Be-gum. Asha Bhonsle came into the reckoning only after
these three and was still struggling in 1953.

But Our theme song here is Geeta going solo in
the sultry custody of Opee. And the Geeta solos for Opee in "Aar Paar"
may, each, be pinpointed as an ever green; Yeh lo main haari piya, Babuji
dhire chalna pyaar mein, Hoon abhi main jawaan and that heart stopper on
the obverse of the N50848 Sun sun sun sun zaalima record: Jaa jaa jaa jaa
bewafaa. The Sun sun sun sun zaalima duet was a straight lift, but Jaa
jaa jaa jaa bewafaa was a mood creation by Opee - epitomised by Geeta in
that antithetic idiom that so set off her vim and vitality as a
joie-de-vivre performer.

We had a fresh insight into this "other" mood of
Geeta as, in "Mr & Mrs 55", without the slightest sense of inhibition,
she took on C.H. Atma, under the same Opee, and invested Preetam aan milo
with her own vocal persona. Saroj Mohini Nayyar, as the one who wrote the
Atma original, was shaky about this Geeta edition.
But Saroj Mohini could feel shaky only until Geeta’s voice came over
after that she knew she was listening to a live enactor, not a mere
singer. May be Madhubala’s visage was half the battle won. But can you
imagine Madhubala without Geeta in such "Mr & Mrs 55" solo as Thandi hawa
kaali ghata? Geeta had this gift of putting her vocal stamp even on
Madhubala! On Madhubala as on Cuckoo - Neele aasmaane.

O P. Nayyar’s composing, at this make-or-break
stage in this career, had a swinging rhythm that was best captured by
mood specialist Geeta Dutt. Look at the way Geeta put over for Opee, in
"Musafirkhana" that charming romantic solo on Shyama; Dil dee daala
nazrana. It was a simple tune equally simply put across, that is why it
was so lucidly picked up by the simple ear and the simple mind.

What was "Choomantar" but a Johny Walker - Shyama
- Karan
Dewan extension of "Musafirkhana". Before you could say "Chhoomantar",
Geeta had established her Opee sway on your heart with Jab baddal
lehraaya jiya jhoom jhoom
ke gaaya, Gori gori raat hai taaron ki baaraat hai and Raat nashili rang
rangili mast hawa. What a shame these carefree re-minders of our youth
are numbers so little heard today.

Oh, but I have missed out on a film that is
current soft-drink coin: "Miss Coca Cola". The Pepsi people could never
have found a vocal match for Geeta, had she been living to vivify the
fizz in Coca-Cola. Geeta Bali had yet to wed Shammi Kapoor when she was
his "Miss Coca Cola" in the film of that name! And how can we forget from
"Miss Coca Cola" such Geeta-Opee ear-catchers as Sach sach bol nahin
batiyaan bana, Teri kaafir nigah kar gayi dil ko tabaah and Ban dhadkan
kajra naina dole re. We rarely get to hear these numbers, will Vividh
Bharati and Doodarshan oblige, now that the Coca-Colonisation of India by
the USA is in full swing?

"C.I.D", of course, was the Raj Khosla directed
Guru Dutt film that brought O.P. Nayyar zooming on as a live challenger
to Shanker-Jaikishan in the year (1956) in which that swiftly advancing
duo bagged their maiden Filmfare Best music award for "Chori Chori". All
the film award entries, I remember, were counted in my editorial charge
in the Times Of India building and Lata-Manna Dey, at their best in
"Chori Chori", just about managed to edge out Geeta-Rafi at their best in
"C.I.D". Shanker-Jaikishan, too, needed to be at their most innovative to
snatch that 1956 filmfare award from O.P. Nayyar, who was to beat this
duo to it the following year with "Naya Daur" - without Geeta Dutt!

With Geeta Dutt, in "C.I.D", Opee had but one
solo - but what a solo! The spell of Jaata kahaan hai diwane abides. Its
Kuchch tere dil mein fifi kuchch mere dil mein fifi punchline by Geeta
represented O.P. Nayyar’s trendy counter to S.D. Burman’s
Tip-tip-tip-tip-tip--tip-tip effect given by the same Geeta Roy on Geeta
Bali in the Dekh ke akeli mohe beguiler of "Baazi". There was a raging in
controversy in the letters’ section of Screen about why Geeta’s Jaata
kahaan hai diwane was deleted from "C.I.D." Which is the Geeta number you
would choose from between Opee’s Jaata kahaan hai diwane and S.D.'s Dekh
ke akeli mohe? The choice lies between Geeta Roy and Geeta Dutt!

When he bagged "Mr. Lambu", for O.P. Nayyar it
was a dream come true, for the film gave him his first opportunity to
compose for Suraiya. At the time, I remember expressing my disappointment
to Opee for the way he had scored Suraiya’s two solos in "Mr..Lambu" as
Yaad karun tori batiyaan and Soyi hai kahaan jaakar taqdeer mohabbat ki.
But today these Suraiya numbers sound pleasant enough. As pleasant as
Geeta’s lone solo in "Mr. Lambu", Aaj jo hum tum mil gaye pyaar mein?
Well, for Geeta, Suraiya was no competition. Even Lata was not, for the
word "competition" did not exist in Geeta’s vocal lexicon.

That is why Geeta could pack her all even into a
below-grade crimusical like "Shrimati 420". There were no fewer than
three Geeta-Opee solos in "Shrimati 420" and each was part of a Nayyar
wave that then swept our cinema:
Meri zindagi ke humsafar phenkna yahaan bhi ek nazar, Hum ko chhod ke
kahaan jaaoge saiyyan and Badi rangili zindagi hai ha seen hai dillagi
hai. What a great idea it would be if HMV issued a Cassette made up
exclusively of Geeta’s OP solos in the 1952-60 phase. For come 1961 and
Geeta sadly, is out of O.P. Nayyar’s recording room.

Which then is the timeless number with which
Geeta Dutt came closest to matching her own Mera naam Chin-Chin-Choo? We
are talking of O.P. Nayyar. so I say it is Chor lootere daaku in "Ustad".
I know Asha successfully grappled with every sironise twist and turn in
an Opee tune in later years, but Chor lootere daaku came at a time when
Geeta alone could do that for O.P. Nayyar. And whether the number be Chor
lootere daaku or Mera naam Chin-Chin-Choo, Geeta had the God given gift
of sounding sensuous without sounding salacious. Geeta alone had this
knack of never making even an Opee tune sound voluptuous. I concede Asha
took over from Geeta in style, yet the fact remains that there is not one
Opee tune you can recall that Geeta coarsened .

"It is sad therefore that a sizzler like Chor
lootere daaku represents the phase (1957) in which O.P. Nayyar began the
business of banishing Geeta by having ears only for Asha. The solos and
duets alike of Geeta, I find, are severely rationed by Opee, starting
with "Ustad". In Opee chartbusters like "Tumsa Nahin Dekha" and "Naya
Daur", even in Nayyar quickies of this period like "Hum Sub Chor Hain"
and "Qaidi", it is Asha almost all the way, barring that almost mandatory
interpolation by Shamshad Begum.

With "Phagun", the Madhubala-Bharat Bhooshan
all-Pilu musical coming at the fag-end of 1957, Opee’s obsession with
Asha is complete - all 11 songs in the film carry her vocals. This I
emphasise not as a criticism of Asha, who came up the hard way, but
merely as OP not being any longer pre-pared to entertain the idea of
resummoning his one time chief artiste, Geeta Dutt. This was when Geeta
made that famous phone call to Opee to ask: "What have I done to you that
you now don’t send for me at all?" How does Opee feel about such Asha
concentration and Geeta inattention today? "Very guilty" says Opee. "But
love knows no reason, only a season!"

Even in such a season, in "Duniya Rang Rangeeli"
in which there were six songs by Asha tuned by Opee, Geeta Dutt left a
vocal mark, all her own in the sole solo she got in the film: Kya yeh tu
ne kiya ishara. From such an occasional Geeta crumb, I conclude that
Opee at times suffered from pricks of conscience. It was the call of such
a conscience that presumably made Opee offer Geeta such solo sops in 1958
as Bach bach bach kahun sach sach sach in "Farishta" and Channda chaandni
mein jab chamke kya ho aa mile jo koyi chham se in "Mujrim".

Yet there was one film in 1958 in which O.P.
Nayyar had to settle for Geeta Dutt as his main singer afresh. This,
traumatically for Geeta, was the Waheeda Rehnnan Guru Dutt starrer:
"Twelve O’Clock". We had here, hoon the still super-supple throat of
Geeta three such Opee lilters as Kaisa jaadu balam tum ne daara, Aji o
suno to nahin tum ne humen pehchana and Arre tauba taurba yeh teri ada.
Thus was the "Clock" chimingly turned back to "Twelve" before Geeta Dutt
disappeared from O.P. Nayyar’s recording room.

Asha Bhonsle went on to sing for O.P. Nayyar as
many as 81 solo plus chorus-backed numbers, but the digits get reversed
in the solo case of Geeta to 18. Yet what a watershed these 18 Geeta
solos mark in Opee’s career: O. P.Nayyar might have created some sort of
a recording by getting Asha to figure in all songs of "Phagun", all 14
songs of "Basant", all 9 songs of "Hongkong", all 7 songs of "Mitti
Mein Sona", all 6 songs in the case of each of three films: "C.I.D.
909", "The Killers" and "Pran Jaye Par Vachan Na Jaye".

The Chain se hum ko kabhi aap ane jeene na diya
collaboration of Asha-Opee may have a pang and a tang all its own. Yet
Asha Bhonsle, as a human being first and a imputative being after, will
be the first, I know, to spare a Thandi thandi hawa poochche unka pata
thought for a Geeta who hid her light under a bushel so that her
husband’s might shine the brighter . A husband who, when he went back to
O.P. Nayyar for "Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi", knew it had to be Asha it
could not be his wife even for a tune right up Geeta’s, alley like Koyi
keh de keh de kehde zamane se jaa ke ki hum ghabra ke mohabbat kar

An Asha shraddhanjali to Geeta, is it not
overdue, now that Ms. Bhonsle has sung like a champion for 22 years
without any competition from Ms.Dutt?


This marvel of a musical montage will bring you
bitter-sweet memories of bygone years. Bitter, because the voice that
presents it is the voice of Geeta Dutt who is no more with us. And sweet,
because sweetness was the keynote of her music.

Geeta’s was the voice that lent a rare
sensitivity and poise, an uncanny grace and dignity, to every song she
warbled, It had also in it a subtle blend of talent and imagination of
originality and virtuosity - the kind of blend we find so beautifully
reflected in the rich legacy of recorded repertoire she has left behind
Indeed, her sudden death at 41 has left a void in the melody world that
is hard to fill, . Born in a well-known family of Zamindars from East
Bengal, now Bangla Desh, Geeta Dutt migrated to Bombay soon after
partition in 1947, Timbre and tone were in her blood and before long did
she blaze a new trail as a singer par excellence,

Maestros of the eminence of S, D, Burman and O,
P, Nayyar found her silken voice ideally suited for films and harnessed
it to best advantage, From then on, for almost two decades, Geeta had her
sway over millions of her fans, singing as many as 5,000 songs in a
variety of languages-from Bengali and Hindi to Punjabi, Marathi and even
Gujarati Songs like Mera Sundar Sapna Beet Gaya and Tadbeer se bigdi hui,
with their perennial appeal, are the finest examples of her eloquent
musical expression Geeta Dutt s marriage in 1 953 with Guru Dutt, the
versatile producer - director - -actor, was an event to remember in the
world of film music. She lent her voice to almost all the films produced
by her husband - like "Pyaasa", "Mr. and Mrs. 55", "Baazi", "Aar Paar",
"C.I.D" , "Kagaz- ke- Phool" and "Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam".

And it is sheer delight to hear these songs even
today, This disc offers you the very epitome of her emotional world in
all its varied facets of the little joys and sorrows that shaped her
musical being.

Addition By Hemant Parikh. ( Source Raju Bharatan & Vandana Majudar

Geeta Roy / Geeta Dutt

Died July 20, 1972 she was only 41. ( Born 1931)

· 1952 "Asmaan" First O.P. Nayyar -Geeta Dutt combination film flpped.
· 1953 Geeta Roy suggested Music Director O.P. Nayyar’s name to Guru
Dutt for
the film "Baaz" * ing Guru Dutt & Geeta Bali.
· 1953 She was among the first three equal famous singers 1) Lata
Mangeshkar, 2)
Geeta Dutt, 3) Samshad Begum.
· 1957 O.P. Nayaar never asked Geeta Dutt to sing for Bharat Bhusahan &
Madhubala starrer "Phagoon".
· 1958 O.P. Nayyar called her for the film " Twelve ‘O’ Clock" *ing Guru
Waheeda Rahman.
· During the film "Pyaasa" Guru Dutt fell in love with Waheeda Rahman.
Geeta could not face her Husband linked with other woman, She stayed up
all night her friends suggested her to take alcohol.
· Guru Dutt stopped Geeta Dutt and Waheeda Rahman signing films out side
his banner. Soon Geeta Dutt lived separately.
· Guru Dutt passed away in the year 1964 ( 10th October). It had been
said that Geeta Dutt sold her Jewellery to pay Guru Dutt’s artistes. Her
house was auctioned. She started doing stage shows to support her kids.
· Like the doomed love story of the choti bahu in "Sahib Bibi Aur
Ghulam", both Meena Kumari and Geeta Dutt who had infused into the role
with the haunting Na jaon saiya shoodake baiya became alcoholics
themselves. Ironically like the legendery Meena Kumari Geeeta Dutt too
finally sccumbed to the deadly cirrhosis of the liver in 1972.. Jo dusro
ko khush kar gaye who khud khun ke aansoo pee gaye.
· Geeta Dutt sang 18 solo’s for O.P. Nayyar
· Asha Bhonsle sang 81 solo’s for O.P. Nayyar
· 1971 - Geeta Dutt sang her last song for the film "Anubhav" for the
Music director Kanu Roy.
· Born in Zamindar Family East Bengal ( Now the new Bangaladesh)
· She migrated to Bombay ( Now Mumbai) in the year 1947.
· 1953 - She married Guru Dutt Padkukone.
· She too tried comiting suicide…
· Dev Anand introduced Geeta Roy to Guru Dutt at a party. They met again,
when Geeta was recording Tadbeer se bigdi hui taqdeer bana le. Soon,
Guru Dutt was madly in love with her. He wrote her long, love letters and
they would go for quiet drives together.
· Geeta Dutt till today remains one of the most Beautiful female singers
in the Indian Music Industry.
· Geeta Dutt sang most of her best songs for S.D.Burman and O.P. Nayyar.
But she also sang for Madan Mohan, Shanker Jaikishan, Hemant Kumar, C.
Ramchandra, Vasant Desai, Ravi, Chitragupa, Naushad & Kanu Roy.
· Geeta Dutt sang her most famous-duets with Mohammad Rafi. But she also
sang with Asha Bhonsle, Lata Mangeshkar, Hemant Kumar, Talat Mahmod and

I hope this will paint picures in your mind about the legendry singer
Geeta Dutt. If there is any corrections to be made please e-mail me.
Happy reading.

Hemant Parikh ( Music Fan)

The way is not in the sky, the way is in the heart. --Gautama Buddha
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