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Posted by: Nidhi Feb 2 2008, 07:27 PM

Elizabeth-The Golden Age (2007)
An interesting movie with a historical perspective & some excellent acting by Cate Blanchet. It is directed by Shekhar Kapur. Great costumes & excellent artwork depicting the Queen's Court. One dialogue that is worth mentioning from the movie goes something like this " I can't punish the people for their believes, only for their deeds."

This is a serious movie showing the CIA's tactics of rendering people under suspicion of terror to other countries for the purpose of torture. The issue of rendering prisoners to some of the former Warsaw nations (now they are part of the European Union) as well some middle east countries is a hotly debated one. The movie's plot is one such, wherein an innocent person is whisked away to a middle eastern nation & tortured. Though slow it is interesting.

Coolies-How Britain re-invented slavery
This is a one hour BBC documentary, worth watching. Sometimes one wonders how so many of us landed in different corners of the world namely the West-Indies, Fiji Islands, Africa, Mauritius, Malaysia/Singapore etc. Though in the present day & age one moves for greener pastures what took place in the middle of the 19th century was nothing but another form of slavery. Britain actually prided itself of having abolished slavery in the 1830's, but this resulted in a great shortage of valuable cheap labour to look after their plantations throughout their colonies the world over. Hence they adopted this devious method which resulted in great hardship & misery to many from the Indian sub continent. The documentary is an eye-opener.

Pyramids A national geographic documentary which is very informative on the specifics of the construction & methodology adopted by the Egyptians for this mammoth structure.

Lastly I did watch an interview between Riz Khan & John Perkins who was an economic hitman. It is about the use of debt to keep poor countries beholden to the USA. John Perkins wrote a book Confessions of Economic Hitman which was on the New York Times best seller list for a year in 2004. This year he came out with a new book 'The secret history of the American Empire'. I am in the process of reading the first one.

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