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Evolution? Not Really...

It is widely believed that we 'evolved'.

From primitive species to the present day ones.

But what did the primitive species evolve out of?

And how did specific organs go to specific places?

Why 2 eyes, 2 ears, but 1 nose, I mouth?

Why is the brain at one end of the body? Why not next to the heart - better protected?

Why don't we also have eyes at the back? They are required, and blind evolution would have made that possible.

Why did the female 'evolve' differently? Why is it impossible (normally) to create an offspring without the participation of both males and females?

Why didn't 'evolution' bring forth completely self-sufficient beings? Why inter-dependent males and females?

These and many, many more questions can be answered in a single statement : we did not evolve - we were designed!!!
And having been designed - we were also programmed!!!

A well trained architect finds the Taj a beautiful building.

So does the Nuclear Physicist with no background in architecture.

So does the simple housewife from a remote village, who barely learnt to read and write.

So does the chana-wala who sells chana outside Gateway of India.

How do all of them think alike? Who put the idea into their collective minds that 'this' is what is called a good-looking building?

Why are 99% people afraid to die? Not because they have seen horrible, agonising deaths!!

Because we have been pre-programmed for many things!

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