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Famous Lines & Quotes From Hollywood Movies

, Please share your's

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> Famous Lines & Quotes From Hollywood Movies, Please share your's
Dharmaan Khan
post Oct 25 2008, 07:55 AM
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please share your personal favourite movie quotes and scenes.

here is an excerpt, from my second best scene of all time from the movie : Apocalypse Now ( 1979), my no 1 scene will be followed shortly.


Willard, hands tied behind his back, is guided down a long
corridor, followed by two Montagnards, both armed.

It smelled like slow death in there.
Malaria and nightmares. This was
the end of the river, all right.

They turn into the main room. The natives indicate for
Willard to kneel down on the floor. The CAMERA MOVES,
REVEALING KURTZ lying in shadow on a bed. We will SEE him
only in darkness and shadow throughout the scene.

Where you from, Willard?

I'm from Ohio, sir.

Were you born there?

Yes, sire.


Toledo, sir.

How far are you from the river?

The Ohio River, sir? About two
hundred miles.

I went down that river once when I
was a kid. There's a place in the
river, I can't remember...must
have been a gardenia plantation,
or a flower plantation at one time.
It's all wild and overgrown now.
But for about five miles, you'd
think that heaven just fell on the
earth, in the form of gardenias.

Kurtz reaches down and picks up a bowl full of water. He
splashes water on his face and head.

Have you ever considered, any real
freedoms? Freedoms from the
opinions of others. Even the
opinions of yourself. Did they
say why, Willard? Why they wanted
to terminate my command?

I was sent on a classified mission,

Its no longer classified, is it.
What did they tell you?

They told me, that you had
gone...totally insane. And that
your methods were unsound.

Are my methods unsound?

I don't see any method at all,

I expected someone like you. What
did you expect? Are you an

I'm a soldier.

We finally SEE KURTZ'S FACE.

You're neither. You're an errand
boy, sent by grocery clerks, to
collect a bill.
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Dharmaan Khan
post Oct 25 2008, 08:03 AM
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My Favourite No 1 scene/dialogues of all time

Apocalypse Now (1979)


Kurtz enters in the darkness.

I've seem horrors. Horrors that
you've seen. But you have no right
to call me a murderer. You have a
right to kill me. You have a right
to do that. But you have no right
to judge me.


Eating a piece of fruit.

It's impossible for words to
describe what is necessary to those
who do not know what horror means.
Horror. Horror has a face. And
you must make a friend of horror.
Horror and moral terror are your
friends. If they are not, then
they are enemies to be feared.
They are truly enemies.


Colby is standing in the rear doorway of the main temple,
going through a Tai Chi routine. Willard sits in front of
him, looking at Kurtz, listening to him as he talks from
the bed. A native WOMAN is there, listening as well.

I remember when I was with Special
Forces. Seems a thousand centuries
ago. We went into a camp to
inoculate some children. We'd
left the camp after we had
inoculated the children for polio.
And this old man came running after
us, and he was crying. He couldn't
say. We went back there, and they
had come and hacked off every
inoculated arm. They they were,
in a pile. A pile of little arms.
And, I remember, I cried, I wept
like some grandmother. I wanted
to tear my teeth out. I didn't
know what I wanted to do. And I
want to remember it. I never want
to forget it. I never want to
forget it. And then I realized,
like I was shot, like I was shot
with a diamond bullet through my
forehead. And I thought, My God,
the genius of that! The genius.
The will to do that. Perfect,
genuine, complete, crystalline,
pure. And then I realized, they
were stronger than we. Because
they could stand it. These were
not monsters. These were men,
strained cadres. These men who
fought with their hearts, who have
families, who have children, who
are filled with love...that they
had the strength, the strength to
do that. If I had ten divisions
of those men, then our troubles
here would be over very quickly.
You have to have men who are moral,
and at the same time, who are able
to utilize their primordial
instincts to kill without feeling,
without passion. Without judgment.
Without Judgment. Because it's
judgment that defeats us.


He slowly raises his hand and examines it.

I worry that my son might not
understand what I've tried to be.
And if I were to be killed, Willard,
I would want someone to go to my
home and tell my son everything...

Heres a link to the whole script :

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post Nov 6 2008, 03:14 AM
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I like your quotes very much.
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